Short-Term Strategy

  • Outlooks and reports routine analysis in the shape of charts for the whole timeframe.
  • Sharpens and gets you involved in analysing incoming profit, inside the manual trading.
  • The execution depends on your choices and your characteristics [whether it will be aggressive or moderate].
  • Each individual will be made into a reliable, independent and professional trader.

The analyst team from KAYINCO will give you information in the form of simplified chart images, to help you to find signals that affect on the trade decision-making on "open" positions and "liquid" positions afterwards.

We encourage you to be a Trader who will be able to generate profits yourself – from the manual transactions inside the regular account – and will only execute trades "Scalping"-ly when the data is positive. It does take a time to be able to find the characteristics of the "XAUUSD" instrument correctly and precisely, but the results will be worth more than the time taken.

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