Long-Term Strategy

•  Use VPS, so that EA-KAYINCO can be working non-stop, independently.
•  The purpose is to get profits as much as 10 times of the account deposit value.
•  The target can be reached within 6 until 12 months.
•  You can choose how will you reach your target [either with Moderate or Aggressive].
•  Minimal deposit account value is only USD $100, registered in Account-Cent.
•  Local "Fixed-Rate" allows USD $1 = IDR Rp 10.000 [@IDR 1 juta/account].

EA-KAYINCO system activities will always be connected with the main server of KAYINCO. Its analysis data will always be upgraded and enhanced frequently. In this part, the whole analysis and execution-takings are 100% from the work of KAYINCO team programming.

What you have to do is to provide a computer (may it be a personal computer or laptop) and a stable internet network to connect with, so that EA-KAYINCO can work in its best state with its strict "Money Management" system in small deposits to ensures consistent profit incomes.

•  The probability rate of winning is higher when accumulated from 10 active accounts.

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