• The outlooks and routine analysis reports, enabling every person to be an analyst.
  • A joint analysis decision-making will affect greatly to the accuracy of the execution plan.
  • Each individuals will be an expert in every timeframe from D1 until M1.

What we are offering is something rather advanced, hence we won't be giving any pieces of information and guidances regarding MetaTrader [MT4] introductions and operational. Because our main focuses are onto "XAUUSD" character analysis matters and guidance specifically regarding EA-KAYINCO operational and indicators. We hope that sooner you mastered the methods of "KAYINCO", then faster it is that you will achieve your Financial Freedom.

All of the KAYINCO partners, which have had the basic skills and have understood the whole materials in Project #2 will be united into a community of KAYINCO club. Teamwork and routine discussions will help develop each other based on the same concept – generating the "Mastermind" analyst decisions which will be useful for the whole partnership of KAYINCO.

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